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Best Bang for Your Buck Pedal Power Supplies 2017

Best Guitar Pedal Power Supply 2017

Power supplies aren’t the most exciting part of a pedal board but they are important to maintaining a noise-free and high quality sound. Nothing is worse than showing up to a gig, plugging in your gear, and hearing a new buzz or noise that wasn’t there before. The key to[…]

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Ditto Looper Pedal

Best Pedals for Ambient Guitar

Hey pedal people, today we are talking about pedals and effects for ambient guitar music. If you enjoy making your guitar sound like a symphony orchestra floating through space these are the pedals for you. These are pedals that create atmosphere, dynamics, and space with out getting overly distorted or[…]

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Analog Delay Pedals

Best Analog Delay Pedals 2017

Hey everyone, today we’re talking about delays. To be more specific analog delays. Analog isn’t just for purists, it’s a different sound with it’s own characteristics. Once you put one of these delays side by side with a digital delay you will hear the difference. Analog delays are known for[…]

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Best Reverb Pedals

Best Reverb Pedals 2017

Today we have a special list, a list dear to my heart. These are our top picks for the best reverb pedals on earth. Some of them were chosen for sheer quality of sound and flexibility. While some were chosen for more economical reasons. We wanted to make sure there[…]

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Best Modulation Pedals

Best Guitar Modulation Pedals 2017

Greetings pedal experts and beginners. Today we are talking about modulation pedals. These are effects that warp your sound or add dimension. Depending on your style of music these are either the most necessary pedals or the least. Modulation is such a broad category it’s a little hard to define[…]

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Best Fuzz Pedals

Best Guitar Fuzz Pedals 2017

Fuzz, it’s a tough beast to tango with. You either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love it. Here are our top picks for the greatest fuzz pedals for guitar currently available now in 2017 on planet earth. 5. Analogman: Sunface This is really great for your classic[…]

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