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Hi, my name is Sean. I review guitar pedals, effects, and other gear and gizmos to seek out the best guitar pedals known to man. I started this site with the hope that it can provide a useful resource for guitarists and other musicians. My goal is to write about my personal journey as a musician and to inspire others on their own. I found that journey to be one of the most exciting and engaging parts of being a musician. The search for sounds that have never been made before or never used in the way I wanted to use them. To me that’s part of what music is about, finding your own voice. Your own way to put the melodies in your head out into the world. I think pedals and other gear certainly aren’t the most important aspect of what makes a musician great but they can provide an enhanced color palette and a deeper world that is really fun to explore.

Where to Start

For a good place to start I’d recommend checking out our best of 2017 lists. There you can see our top picks for pedals available in 2017. Or you could head over to the blog section to view our latest blog posts. Or make a stop at our reviews section where we review pedals in a more microscopic in depth way.

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I really hope you enjoy the site and find it useful in some way. If one person can learn more about the world of guitar gear than I feel I have done my job. Thank you for reading!

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